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SEO IN 2011
How do you keep up with the latest seo advice in 2011? Seo Moz is a good place to start. It is a paid subscription service that all professional seo consultants are members of. If you can't afford this you could always buy every new e book that professes to have the latest search optimisation advice. Then you would get the latest info that will work for a limited time. Before Google catches up with the proceedings and bans your site. Thus costing you more money than signing up to Seo Moz.

One things for sure social media is going to incorporate itself more into the serps. Don't be surprised if Google or Bing tries to buy Face Book or Twitter again. Although currently it doesn't look like Face book is for sale. It's too much of a rival and even bigger than Google in many ways than to sell out to them.

There are many other elements to target in the search engine optimisation game than just organic website searches. You can target the image results, video results, podcast results and i phone apps to some degree. These areas i feel will gain more prominence with seo'ers in the future. Especially by those feeling the squeeze in the organic results markets. Or maybe even those killing it in the search market who just want to expand their audience.

What Changes Are Evident In Search Engine Land Since The Panda Struck?
At the moment (Nov 2011) It is a lot harder to achieve top rankings even in local markets. It seems that Google is not keen to implement any massive ranking thrusts. They seem to want to see consisitency in back link building and content creation on one's website. Anchor text back links seem to not be having the same effect as they used to. It seems Google has devalued their importance in their algorithm.

If you are building links it's important to keep consistent. Don't just build 10 000 links one month then 2000 the next. It would be better to build 2-3000 consistently for 6 months rather than building them in a haphazard fashion. Google is definetely favoring massive authority sites. The world of the serps is getting more corporate it seems, as big brand websites seem to be squashing out the little man.

Is There A Way To Compete?
Yes. Build a larger site. It's easy with a blog. The content has to be great though, don't just build a load of gibberish. Build a blog with excellent content and categories all related to your niche. Don't write a load of rubbish to make your site larger, as Google employs human reviewers. If they slap a penalty on your site you may never achieve high rankings.

How Long Do Search Engine Optimization Campaigns Last?
How long is a piece of string? As long as you need it to be. Some markets will take weeks, tougher ones will take months, and ultra competitive markets will take years. Even if it only takes a few weeks or months to crack a market you shouldn't rest on your laurels, you need to stay ahead of the chasing pack. Search engine optimization is your greatest friend when it comes to dominating the internet. If you want to get to the top of Google for your desired keywords you need to promote your website with the latest online marketing strategies.

Seo is more about link building. It's about analyzing the internet, creating a detailed audit of the competition and your own website, then developing the strategy to market your website. What worked in 2012 in terms of seo strategies, won't necessarily work in 2012. Some things such as performing the best on page seo and site structure on your website will always have a lot to do with seo, but certain types of link building will not always have a great effect.

For example just look at the recent strides Google has made with it's +1 social media button. Google have even stated that a website with a lot of bookmarks signifies it is popular and worthy of interest. This is definetely a clue to where thay are heading in the future so if you want to get ahead in seo you need to constantly keep your eye on the pulse.

Social Media & Seo
Recently Google decided to once again try and gain more influence in the social media world. Their aim is to get social media users attracted to their new social media channels. They announced the +1 button which lets users bookmark their favourite websites and news stories.

Google knows how much traffic social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg get, and want in on the action. They rolled out a previous social network community called Google Buzz. Although it is still in existence it wasn't quite the success they thought it would be. So they are back now with new social media patents and the +1 button.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Do you know anything about  what search engine optimisation is all about? Well If you happen to be the owner of an unsuccessful internet site that is heading the wrong way in the search engines, gather round. Search engine optimization ordinarily shortened to SEO is the way by which you can make your website perform favourably in the search engines. Sometimes even  right to the No 1 spot. There is no point  of having an intenet business with your professional online shop front  that sells cosmetics if there is no one visiting your company website.

So how do you get customers to your website? The most poular way is by using a search engine. The leading search engine of them all is Google.  Around 70% of all users in the U.S. use  Google as their main means of finding websites. Although in the UK this figure is closer to 90%. Most web browsers begin by typing in queries into the search bar in Google. In other words the browser types exactly what they are looking for into the search box.  Google provides them the information back after it searches the websites held in it's database. This is what Google primarily does, provides answers to questions and in terms of humans, solutions to problems.  So if  someone was looking for a new pair of cross trainers, it would show them  a list of choices consisting of 10 websites per page. And  which website do the overwhelming majority of users go to first? The site that is number one .

Customers that are not satisfied  with the websites they click into can press the back button if they don't get what they are looking for pretty fast. People are pretty impatient when it comes to the internet. But that doesn't matter if they actually find what they were looking for in one of the first few sites. These type of  browsers can soon turn into paying customers. So this is why it's super important to have your site come out at the top of Google. The financial benefits can be massive.  So what's the way to get into high positions in Google? There are many standard tried & tested practies iinvolving many modern techniques that we will look at.

There are basically two ways to perform SEO.  You can do  this yourself or pay someone who specializes in pay for results seo. One technique encompasses on-page optimization which refers to restructuring elements on your own website. The other is referred to as off-page optimisation.  This encompasses promoting your website via other sites. On-page optimisation can be quite a technical procedure. For it to be professionally carried out, a little understanding about  how a website is put together is required.

The off-page optimization work utilizes the process of building back links to your website from other websites.  An even better scenario is to build back links from websites that are of the same matter or niche as yours. What is also essential at this time is to have the appropriate anchor text scripted inside the link.  I mean if you want to rank highly in Google for the phrase "sports injury massage Wyoming" you need to get a lot of anchor text related links pointed back to your site with the words "sports injury massage Wyoming" transcribed in it.  In actuality a backlink is a little bit of website html code that you can add words to. These links increase your sites rank listings in the search engines like Google.  You just need a lot of them usually, from high quality sources on a frequent  basis.

If the thought of all this is very strange to you then why not have a  talk with a local search engine optimization agency. They can  unravel the mystery in front of your eyes with the aid of a computer screen so you can understand it more simply. A clued up search engine optimization firm can save you a lot of strife, cash and effort and perform all the hard tasks such as the on page and off page work. There are also some links you should build and links you should not and other processes to  absolutely dismiss.  Go and do as much research as you  possibly can into the area of search engine optimization techniques and start to do this regularly even on a minuscule scale. Then when you are ready you can hasten things up by working with a reputable seo company.

The Future Of Seo

With the announcement of the Google +1 button will the seo world go into a frenzy concerning social bookmarking? I'm sure there will be many automated software programs coming out promising to find favour in Google's organic search results. I wouldn't go into a tissy about it yet. It's only going to be once facet in the algo. It's true Google has said personalized search and user recomendations is they way they are heading. If people were concerned about the their privacy rights up to now wait until the future (next month). Once you are signed into certain social network properties you will be able to select recommended websites that your friends have liked. How will Google know who your friends are? By your social network profiles.

It's true Google are already targeting ads on Youtube to users based on the sites they have already visited. Gerorge Orwell was right. Although the baddies come in the guise of the corporate Boogie men. A few years back maybe a decade ago marketing companies would and still do hound us to death with mail shots and phone calls out of the blue, after they got our details from some bank loan or credit card Uncle John signed up for. With the internet this is much worse, it's just too easy for not only Google but anybody to directly target us from our browsing viewing history or social status. It's all one big marketing ploy....

New Websites & Link Building
If your website is new it is not wise to link too agressively to it at the start. You will end up in the dreaded sandbox if you do. You need to build links steadily and add content more than llinks at the start. It would not make sense for a lot of websites to link to your new site on a continual basis if there was no new content being added to your site.

Once a domain gains in age it seems you can almost link to it as agressively as you want. As long as you are getting good links then it should not do you much harm unless your domain has previously been in the sandbox for linking too quickly. If you have some patience and slowly ramp up the link building your domain will stay in Google, which is where you want it to be.

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